Here is the scoop from my scene building web sites professionally... 

Purchase a Domain

Before you take another step, you need a domain name- in other words,  figure out and register the WhateverUpic .com or .biz or .org or .net  DOMAIN NAME for your business. Many domain names are taken, even more are not. When a domain name you like is not taken, you need to take ownership of it RIGHT AWAY. Just checking to see if a domain is taken yet with a search will make the name a commodity- and people who specialize in buying desired domain names for profit will register it- and try to sell it to you! This is especially true with .com domains. A  .com domain is much more valuable because it is the most remembered domain of all.

Make a list of your favorite domain names in order of preference. Be sure to note all your ideas, and rate them. Ask your friends for ideas too. Ask me what I think when you have the list ready. You want a domain name that is easy to remember and makes sense.

Next you see if the name first on the list is available. I use the domain search form at Cheap Domains. When you find a domain name on the list available, purchase it; to become the domain's owner you need to register it. RIGHT AWAY! Bucks on the barrelhead is the way domain registration happens. Be ready with a credit card.

I register my domains at The service and support is flawless, and they send friendly reminders when it is time to pay up to keep your domain. the Domain Registration there costs $13.95 a year, that's for every year you want to own the domain.  I suggest paying up for 2 years. Paying the registration fee is how people can find your website in the future. If you don't keep up the registration, the domain expires- and someone else can buy it. Your web site will be in "limbo" and no help at all.

Another thing I recommend about Cheap Domains is this: In the 6 years I've been using them, I've had the SAME PERSON interacting with me- answering my questions promptly, reminding me to renew my domains, and sending info related to the service. The SAME PERSON! That means much to me.

Server Space

This is the special constantly-connected to the internet computer space where the website is hosted. 

Your ISP may include web server space as part of your broadband account, to host your web page. That's a good thing! I'd need some info from you to log in & upload the new web page when it is done.

My web server is . I have lots of server space to offer hosting for sites I build for clients. Some of my personal sites live at DreamHost, too:

Http://  is one of them. 

My labor for site construction is $40.00/hr. The cost per page depends on how much work is needed constructing graphics, photo resizing, coding, animations desired, multimedia things, audio, changes made, and such

When the webpage is ready for visitors, we tell 123 Cheap Domains the web server's address hosting the page. Then, magically, when someone types in, your new web page opens up! WOW!

To make the site show up in a Google search, the text on the page key.  Honest, well-written, descriptive info about your service is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. There needs to be a phone # (with messages answered every day), a real street address, and email contact for a small business web site to be useful.

You can promote your business by posting the web site address as many places as possible. In your networking site's profile info mention the business and it's website. The more places that have links to your site means more Google recognitio. More exposure is more opportunity for doing business.